Big Cheese’s Big Brother has its first winner!

Bryce Ryer taking on the Big Brother challengeOn 3rd December, Bryce Ryer stepped up to take on the Big Brother challenge to a cheering crowd of friends and onlookers.

Although Bryce did manage to finish the mammoth burger; equivalent to 4 normal burgers, topped off with bacon, mushrooms, cheese, fries and dips, weighing in at just over 2kg, there were a few moments when it looked like The Big Brother would claim its next victim.

After the event Bryce said “I really enjoyed the burger, but won’t be having another one just yet”.

Big Brother Challenge - Are you man enough?

If you think you’re man enough to take up the challenge, what are you waiting for, Big Brother’s waiting. If you manage to eat everything by yourself, you’ll get your meal for free and earn your place on the wall of fame.

The current score stands at Big Brother 6 – Challengers 1.


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